Masterchef COOKING workshop

For private groups of companies and individuals (birthdays, bachelor parties, etc). The cooking workshop is designed to be carried out as a team, in a dynamic, participatory and fun way. You will be guided by a professional chef, who not only guide you in preparing food, also he will help you to create a dynamic group to work together.
The values of teamwork have their reward in the table. The training is designed to do it as a team, promoting and discovering necessary and useful values that you can apply in your day by day.
With a duration of four hours, our workshop is the development of a gourmet menu and it’s tasting, as a lunch or dinner, as a team, encouraging the participation of each member and the consciousness of collective work, through creativity, excellence, perseverance or expression.

Dynamic of the group:

  • Welcome to the participant with snacks and drink while you cook.
  • A brief introduction of the activities will be made.
  • Every participant will have an apron, a table with space, with the materials, the ingredients and the food for cooking the meal.
  • ​Will count with the help of an assistant and chef, who is the one in charge to give the directions to the team in the elaboration of the recipes.
  • A jury of chefs will score the best dish, the best presentation and the best team.
  • When the meal is done, the participants will move to the dining area where they will sit at an imperial table to eat the meal they have prepared.
  • The capacity at Just Royal Bcn for private groups is from 8 to 40 participants. For larger groups we have availability in other places in Barcelona.

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Taller Mediterranea - Just Royal Bcn

Taller Mediterranea - Just Royal Bcn

Taller Mediterranea - Just Royal Bcn

Taller Mediterranea - Just Royal Bcn

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